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Karen Hegtvedt and Pat Flinn , Virginia Highland

Lisa and Corey Keyes, Virginia Highland

Ann and Jeff Cramer, Inman Park

John Ballew, Poncey Highlands
Leslie and Mike McGuire, Decatur

Mary Lynn and Wray Eckl, Brookwood Hills

Joe and Lisa Conley, College Park

Kim and David Chamberlain, Tucker

Maureen Kelly, Gresham Park

Rebecca Locke and Nedra Wick, Toco Hills

Dawn Anderson, Druid Hills
Katrina Bergbauer and Carrie Overhiser, Oakhurst
Maureen Callahan and John Champagne, Morningside
Susan and Scott Fleischman, Druid Hills
Robin Nash, Medlock Park
Swan and Jim McKnight, Midtown
Charles Walston, Lake Claire
Len and Kathy Wood, Toco Hills
Paul and Nan O’Connor, Druid Hills

Jeff and Adriana Hageman, Leafmore Creek
Sally Cohen and Rocky Atkins, Druid Hills

Samaritan House/Cafe 458, Fourth Ward

Karen Hegtvedt and Pat Flinn, Virginia Highland

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"For 20 years, we have turned to Small Carpenters exclusively for renovations to our Virginia Highland home.  They have renovated our main floor, built our second floor, and excavated

under our house for an underground floor.  They constructed our garage, our deck, and the

fence around our backyard.  They have come in the rain, and the snow, when our disposal

quit and when our faucet leaked.  They get to tackle our kitchen next.

We wouldn't keep coming back to Small Carpenters if they did not deliver what they promise: integrity and craftsmanship."

Lisa and Corey Keyes, Virginia Highland

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"When we first started thinking about a second floor addition,  we heard the usual horror stories from friends and colleagues who had miserable experiences during renovations -- the contractor that absconds with the money, the small project that doubles in size, the finish date that expands by 4 months …. we’ve all heard them.

Having just finished an eight month project with Small Carpenters At Large and moving into our new 1600 square foot second floor, our only complaint is that you did such an excellent job that we have no “horror” stories with which to amuse our friends.   Not a one.  You finished the project early.  You did so almost exactly on budget (with SCAL-initiated change orders totaling less than 1% of the project cost -- good work by Mark Camillo).  You and your team were a joy to work with.  

From starting the design work with Amanda Johnson, who is both practical and creative (a rare combination), to the contract management by Theresa Same, to the day-to-day on-site supervision and work of Steve Schuchardt and  Rick Wadsworth, and all of your other employees such as Jennifer Dickie and your subcontractors, the entire process was exceptionally smooth.  This would not happen without your superb management and obvious passion for renovations (just TRY to keep you from crawling in the red clay basement crawlspace, even in new pants).

We greatly appreciate the sensitivity and care you showed to keeping the house livable throughout the project, especially for our 5 cats.  We are certain that this was not always easy, especially when cats escaped into the ceiling area more than once.

In short, if we were to do this again, we would, but only with SCAL.  You not only did superior work, but you also left a good spirit in the house.  It is a testament to your company that we felt as happy and excited about this project at the close of it as we did when we began.  For this we can only thank you and your team."

Ann W. Cramer, Inman Park

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"Jeff and I wanted to write a note to you to once again express our gratitude to you and your team on the outstanding job you did in every aspect of the "small" job that turned large at our house!! What started as "let's get a new roof" to new gutters to an entire house painting with new screens AND HVAC! Wow! We were so grateful to you - for not only the extraordinary quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail, professional expertise and timely completion - we totally trusted the integrity of the workers and left our house with total confidence every day that everything would be safe and clean when we returned!! You and your team were flexible, patient and wise! For all of that we are grateful!!

Danny, it is so wonderful to know that we have right in the midst of our neighborhood the top talent and quality workmanship that you would expect only in the very high rent districts. Your remodeling reputation is now worldwide and so well-deserved!! Jeff and I will be available to any of your potential clients to trumpet your excellence!

I often worry that many people are looking for the best deal - which means lowest price! What we found in you and Small Carpenters at Large was indeed the BEST deal and at the right price!! There is nothing more important than to trust the professionals with whom you work and know that every time the work that they promise will come in on time, under budget and better than expected!! Wow - you can't do better than that - but you seem to do that very thing - every single time!! Many, many thanks to you and your quality teams! It was a joy for us to be the receivers of their magnificent work! I still like to just stand outside our house and look at how "pretty" it is!Yea! You did it! Many, many thanks!"

John Ballew, Poncey-Highlands

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"Small Carpenters at Large really performed magic in changing our little kitchen into a beautiful, open space.  The biggest surprise has been how it has made the whole house feel nicer.

From beginning to end, we couldn't be happier with SCAL.  Amanda really listened to us and provided us with options to make our project turn out just the way we wanted.  Rick did a great job of keeping us informed and keeping the project running smoothly.  Steve's work in completing the project was superb.  We were happy with all the subcontractors;  they did good work and were thoughtful and respectful in working around the house.

The fact that Jennings and I were both working out of the house while the remodel was going on could have been a real nightmare.  Instead, it felt like SCAL understood how stressful this sort of disruption is to homeowners, and went the extra mile to take care of us.  And I think the finished project is gorgeous.

We did a lot of research before selecting Small Carpenters.  We got a few cheaper bids, but it was clear that the work would not be up to the level of quality we wanted.  But several of the bids were a good bit more money.  SCAL helped us make good decisions to get the greatest value for the money we spent.

Jennings and I are happy to recommend Small Carpenters at Large without reservation.  You guys get a 10 from us.  Thanks for your hard work around our home "

Leslie and Mike McGuire, Decatur
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"Looking back, we could not have made a better decision than to choose Small Carpenters At Large to design and build our second story addition. Every aspect of the process, even living through six months of construction, was positive. In fact, from the time of our very first meeting with SCAL, SCAL stood out in the crowd of contractors we spoke with about doing our remodeling project. Our first impression of their professionalism, focus on the customer, creativity, and genuine interest in the project characterized our entire experience from the design phase to completion.

The fact that SCAL did both the design and build aspects of the project helped to streamline the process and keep the project within our budget. Amanda, who designed our addition, is very talented and was able to translate our wish list into a second story floor plan that far exceeded anything that we could have envisioned on our own from both a practical and aesthetic point of view. Amanda incorporated the details of the old space into the new space. The second story is so well proportioned and consistent with houses of its era that many people have commented that our addition looks as if it has always been there - a true testament to Amanda’s ability.

The construction phase of our project also went very smoothly, even with having our entire roof off during a very wet winter. The construction team showed up every day and worked diligently. Our lead carpenter, Steve, and his construction crew were terrific. We were very impressed with the quality of their work, and their courteous treatment of the job site and of us as we lived under a major renovation for 6 months. Steve treated our home as if it were his own. It was not uncommon for him to show up late at night or in the early morning hours to ensure that our roof was properly covered during heavy rains. He updated us regularly on the progress that was being made and scheduled the work to be done with our convenience in mind. Steve’s expertise, commitment to his work, and his ability to bring the project in two months ahead of schedule were very much appreciated!

Overall, we feel that the key to the success of our project is directly attributable to the people SCAL employs. Office staff to construction crew, every member of SCAL’s staff that we encountered was professional and a pleasure to work with.

Small Carpenters at Large’s professionalism, expertise, high standards, quality staff, and customer focus make it well worth the investment. Our new, old home will serve our family well for many, many years."

Mary Lynn and Wray Eckl, Brookwood Hills

"Danny Feig-Sandoval and his company Small Carpenters at Large have just completed an addition to our home.  It was a most satisfactory experience.

Before construction began Danny and his staff spent hours talking to us and to our architect making sure that they understood the drawings and details.  This consultation continued throughout the process.

Once work started, we were assigned a head carpenter who oversaw the progress and interfaced the subcontractors.  Any problems or concerns were promptly solved.

Behind the scenes, the office staff ordered materials, arranged for timely delivery and coordinated with the subs so that the schedule flowed smoothly.  It was a very orderly process and a very neat one also.  The subs left their work area clean at the end of each work-day.

Small Carpenters at Large will be the company we will call for our next project."

Joe and Lisa Conley, College Park

"Lisa and I are savoring the joy of a wonderful Thanksgiving in our “new” house.  From the first step through the front door to the ease with which the kitchen and dinning room handled 25 friends and family members, we felt as though we were living out a dream come true.  Everyone who saw the results of your hard work raved about the beautiful job you did.

Any renovation of an older home comes with a lot of hope and a lot of uncertainty.  The first day Danny came to our house and so obviously shared our hope (climbing through attic and basement to explore just what the real possibilities were) we knew we had found the right person to lead our renovation effort.  We knew our house had a lot of potential, but the surfaces were tired and the chopped-up spaces wasted a lot of usefulness.  Danny and Amanda did a great job of listening and exploring the options that would turn our hopes into reality.  Amanda’s design gave us everything we hoped for and more than we’d even thought possible.

A beautiful design is one thing, the hard reality of having your house gutted and rebuilt is another.  My wife Lisa works for a construction company and I’m a journalist.  We were both pretty familiar with the possible pitfalls and had heard plenty of horror stories about home renovations gone awry.  Thankfully those experiences are still just hypothetical situations for us.

I can’t say enough good things about the professionalism and craftsmanship shown by the entire Small Carpenters team.  Danny, Amanda, Rick and Steve laid out a plan and executed it just the way they said they would.  The inevitable small glitches dealt with quickly.  Everyone was always available to answer questions and open to ideas Lisa and I had along the way.  The job got done early and we got a little money back at the end of it!

Thank you for a “new” house that truly feels like home."

Kim and David Chamberlain, Tucker

"SCAL has transformed our 1960's ranch into a place we both cannot wait to come home to. From the initial meeting with the design staff to the first consultation at the house itself, SCAL was professional, timely and just good folks. They made what is by default a very stressful process, not only tolerable but in a way, a very pleasant experience.

The job supervisor was always at our home with a smile on a daily basis making sure the crew did the job efficiently, well and on time. Communication was always clear and available. Not once did SCAL leave us hanging or questioning a price, procedure or a deadline. They were always up front, honest and eager to please.

The final result is a work of beauty and comfort. Friends and family alike are awed at the transformation. I cannot recommend SCAL enough.

If you want a Contractor who is going to do the job right with artistic integrity, then SCAL is for you. They told us up front that they might charge more than your average general contractor. It was worth every penny and then some. We knew exactly what we were expected to pay and each nail and brick we were paying for. If anything went over budget it was only because we chose an item that may have cost more than originally suggested. There was always the option to spend more or less depending on our own tastes. Amanda, the designer made sure to give us many options. We never felt trapped into choosing a particular design or item.

If we ever renovate further, there is no question who will be our contractor:  Danny and the crew at SCAL."

Maureen Kelly, Gresham Park

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"I’m still unpacking boxes and figuring out where to put things in my new kitchen, but I had to take a few minutes to express formal thanks to you for that very kitchen.

I can’t say anything that you haven’t heard before – how great a group of people you have working for you, how smooth and how painless all of them made the entire process, how creative the solutions were to so many things, and how wonderful the results are.  I love my kitchen – and I appreciate so much Amanda’s work in figuring out how to do all that I wanted in it – but I think I love it even more because the process of creating it was such a happy one.  Only when I was in the middle of it did I begin to see how complex and scary it could have been if I hadn’t been lucky enough to be working with SCAL.  Now I can’t imagine doing any work on my house without you guys!

In addition to saying a heartfelt thank you to Amanda, Rick Hetzel, Rick Wadsworth and Jennifer, I also want to say how incredibly nice every single group of workers were, from those doing the demo to the painters, the electricians, floor guys, cabinet makers, plumbers and counter top creators, and how much I appreciated the care each of them took to keep my place secure and my very timid dog at ease.

So thank you again for the journey as well as the destination.  I’m looking forward to phase 2!"

Rebecca Locke and Nedra Wick , Toco Hills, Decatur

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"We love the wonderful changes to our home that are the result of the two projects you have done for us.   Project number one was the kitchen, guest bath, laundry area and breakfast room.   Project number two was to change the old bowling alley of a living room/dining room into a functional music room, dining room and home office.   Both of these projects changed inefficient, not completely usable spaces into areas that we use daily.    Since we had lived through a previous renovation, we had anticipated a difficult process, but SCAL gave us confidence that things would be done well and on budget. 

Danny, Amanda, Rick W., Rick H. and everyone else at SCAL helped us envision and then live through these two transformations.   We’ve loved working with everyone there without exception, and appreciate the smart guidance we’ve received as well as the creative approach to the work.   In fact, we began to refer to Rick H. as “our Rick” and I have him on speed dial in my phone.   Even though the project is over, I’m very certain that he would respond immediately if I called.  

Thank you for helping make our 1950’s ranch home (which we already loved) into something that is even more perfect for us today and will be into the future.   When we get ready to do another project, you will be our first call."

Dawn Anderson, Druid Hills
" I wanted to write to thank you and your crew for a wonderful job they did on my house remodel. Your crew walked into a mess left by another contractor. Not only were they able to fix the disaster the first contractor had left but they were able to complete the job with a quality I never expected to see on my home.

I also appreciate the fact that your crew always cleaned up before the left and insured that my home was secure. Karl, the lead carpenter on my job, was terrific. Not only was he there every day on time, he also made himself available via cell phone if I had any questions arise during the day. I never had to take time off from work to meet with subcontractors or to discuss issues with Karl.

I think the one thing that sticks out above all was my final walk thru. I was to put together a punch list of items that still needed to be finished and we were to review it at the time of the walk thru. The time came for the walk thru and I didn’t have anything on my list. Everything was completed and the quality of work either met or far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you again for the fabulous job you did on my home. I hope to be able to use you again in the future when I am ready to remodel my kitchen."

Carrie Overhiser and Katrina Bergbauer, Oakhurst, Decatur
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" Thank You!

We can’t say those two words enough! You have turned a home that probably should have been leveled, into a home that will more than stand the test of time. A home built in the 1920’s, that may not have make it to 2020, will now lead the neighborhood well into the 21st century.

Family member, after neighbor, after random passerby, has shared with us how impressed they are with the transformation of this home. In fact just last week, a neighbor who has lived in the area for decades, stopped us to share that our home once was the most ugly on the block and now it is the best on the block. He noted that when people drive by our home, they slow down or come to a complete stop, just to look up at it.

Another long-time resident neighbor, who had seen the house deteriorate over the years, commented that “this house never looked that good.”

Last year, a couple that lived here in the 1950’s stopped in with their now 50 year old son who was born while they lived in this home. They have fond memories of their time spent in this home including rolling their Victrola out onto the upper porch to play the soundtrack from “South Pacific.” They too, were among the many who can hardly believe their eyes when they see the work you have done to this house.

We selected SCAL for many reasons; here are just a few:

  • We had already tried to do the work ourselves and knew it was over our heads – SCAL’s combination of design and build was just what we needed to put our ideas and dreams into motion.
  • We had already tried other contractors who were either unreliable, careless on the jobsite, couldn’t blend the design ideas we had into the overall plan, or were not performing up to our expectations. We quickly learned that SCAL was extremely reliable, cleaned up the job site at the end of each workday, lived by the design/build concept, and always performed at or above our expectations.
  • To expand on the above bullet point, SCAL was always there when they said they would be and would call if they were going to be just 5 minutes late. We loved their Monday through Thursday work schedule that allowed us to plan for Fridays and weekends without construction or disruption and with the knowledge that everything would be cleaned up at the job site at the end of the day.
  • The friendliness of the SCAL staff was apparent form the very first phone call and continued through each project in its entirety. Each staff member is polite, trustworthy, respectful and seems to take a great amount of pride in what he/she does.
  • SCAL is all about quality. The workmanship in our home is unparalleled.
  • We have now chosen SCAL for three phases of our never-ending project. We could go on forever about SCAL, but the bottom line is that we would choose SCAL again and again on this project or any other future project in which we wanted things done right the first time, on schedule, with the utmost quality, and with the epitome of professionalism. We have recommended SCAL to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. SCAL gave us peace of mind. We never had to worry about a single thing once SCAL was running our project. SCAL can stand behind their work with their heads held high."

Maureen Theresa Callahan, Morningside
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" As our project closes out, John and I wanted to take the time to write to you and tell you, again, how thrilled we are with our renovation and to congratulate you on a job extremely well done. As I have said, I don’t think it can ever be “fun” to go through a renovation (especially a kitchen!) but your company has made the experience as good as it can be.

You have created a company culture that we believe truly sets SCAL above other competing companies. Your personal commitment to our satisfaction trickles down to every level in your company. Every time we reached a challenge in the project, our requests and concerns were met with a can-do attitude and response. The team that worked our project was incredibly talented and the design and workmanship was superb.

Danny, John and I thank you again for all that you have done to successfully complete our gorgeous new kitchen and family room. We love it and look forward to years of happy cooking!"

Scott Fleischman, Druid Hills
" I cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with every aspect of the project just completed by Small Carpenters at Large. The projects to build our screen porch and remodel parts of the kitchen have both turned our beautiful.

Tom’s meticulous daily attention to detail and pleasant personality certainly helped make this a more pleasant experience. In addition, your crew’s ability to perform major demolition and repair to our kitchen under our time schedule, and without disruption, was very appreciated.

I assure you that many neighbors and friends will see our work and I will be pleased to vouch for every aspect, from initial design concepts to final product.

I look forward to working with Small Carpenters at Large again for future projects."

Robin Nash, Medlock Park, Decatur
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" I knew about 2 weeks into my bathroom project that I would have to have Small Carpenters add a screened-in porch and deck as well. My relationship with Small Carpenters at Large actually started with an architect. Small Carpenters had done work for him. They were the only outfit he recommended when I started thinking about renovating my small bath and a half in my 50 year-old ranch. So late one night, the room lit only by the glow of my computer screen, I tapped in www.smallcarpentersatlarge.com and started my structured dreaming. The pictures of projects on your website got me thinking but the comments of customers post project partum got me hooked.

Unlike so many websites with an email feature, where you email for additional information with no response, when I emailed my general ideas, I got a call the next day from the owner of the company.

A couple of days later, your designer, Amanda and a crew of silent engineers, were out at my house, crawling all over the attic and basement, taking measurements and pictures. I couldn’t fully comprehend this level of attention to my modest home until we were further in the design phase. I realized no surprises for you, no surprises for me.

Sure, I had general ideas. Even thought for a while that I knew exactly what I wanted. However, Amanda opened my eyes to a multitude of better options that I would never have considered. Meeting with her was like talking with my analyst, except less expensive, more pleasant and I got drawings when I left. It was like she knew what I might like. She didn’t pressure me but rather left me with options to think about for the next meeting. And when she finally rolled out the plans, there we not one or two but three options for my consideration. She translated my instincts into plans within my budget. She had listened to me. That day, I quit analysis.

I was then introduced to Rick Wadsworth who said he would be overseeing the project. “If you have any question, here’s my card, cell number, email…call me for anything.” I was sure I’d never see him again. Instead, he showed up every week, sometimes many times in a week, conferencing quietly with the crafts people onsite. More puzzling was when the owner showed up on his bike and Amanda with her camera. My small bathroom project was seemingly even more important to them than it was to me.

I noticed that the tile people were in contact constantly with Amanda and Rick, that nothing got changed without thoughtful consideration with me and among themselves. The plumbers, electricians, cabinet-makers and painters were top notch, cleaned up after themselves, and showed up when scheduled. Progress was made every day.

From one and a half pathetic, poorly designed and embarrassing bathrooms, I now have two full, totally cool, off-the-hinges bathrooms which seem larger somehow than the ones they replaced in the same space. On time, within budget, better than I ever thought possible, no surprises. Amanda’s superior design work up front really paid off.

Now I am in the middle of the screened-in porch and deck project. Yesterday, Steve, who is not prone to poetic discourse, is truly a poetic craftsman, singlehandedly was powering huge beams of cedar up to his minions on the roof. Rudi, Kevin and even Rick were responding with precision to Steve’s unique language of nods and grunts, unintelligible to the lay person. By the end of the day, all the rafters were up and the site was cleaned.

I am already imagining an early fall morning cup of joe before I hit work, or a Sunday afternoon nap in the hammock, no flies or bugs, the smell of grass that needs to be cut, the subject of green envy by all my neighbors. Worth every penny.

Thanks to all of the great folds at Small Carpenters for making the projects fun and a whole lot better realized than I could of ever imagined."

Swan and Jim McKnight, Midtown

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"Over the years, we have been through many renovation projects. The only thing that they had in common was that they took longer than expected and cost more than expected. Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary defines the word "project" as "Something proposed or mapped out in the mind, as a course of action; a plan." And there lies the problem with a renovation project. There are usually several minds mapping things out and unfortunately, by the time it gets from the several minds to the one finished product, it can be a very different project.

Our largest project to date was to re-create a large residential Grand Foyer in a 1911 building. When our residence had been built it was a 4,000 square foot home that took up half of a floor. Over the years it had been chopped into 3 small apartments with a small common space foyer that was shared by all three. We currently had 2 of these apartments. When the third one became available we purchased that and the small foyer. Our goal was to connect the three apartments with the original Grand Foyer space. Our building is on the National Historic Register and it was important to not only us, but to the Board of Directors, that we stay true to the architecture and quality of craftsmanship that would have been found in 1911. We had very little to go on. Small Carpenters at Large worked diligently with everyone involved to make sure that they got it right. It seemed that everyone at SCAL knew our project - from the President of the company to the receptionist and everyone in between. To our amazement it appeared that the right hand actually knew what the left hand was doing. We had a Project Manager, an on-site Supervisor, the same carpenters from beginning to end, the same painters, etc. The continuity was incredible and the workmanship was superior. SCAL took pride in their work. And it shows. People that are unaware of the fact that this Foyer has been renovated simply cannot believe that it has not always been this way. When we point it out to these same people, we try to show them what exactly SCAL did, but it is difficult to get them to see where the old ended and the new began. I do not know of a better compliment than that.

My mind is busy mapping out our next renovation. And I know who will be able to share my vision. Also, for the record, this project took no longer than expected and cost no more than expected. What a team!"

Charles Walston, Lake Claire
" Thank you for fixing the problem with the window. I know it wasn’t your fault and I appreciate you taking care of it so quickly.

More important, thanks for a job well done on the project at our home. The screened porch is truly a showcase that is admired by everyone who visits. We enjoyed it all to briefly last summer and fall, but it is one of the main reasons we decided to keep our house in Lake Claire while we enjoy our “adventure” in D.C.

Contrary to horror stories that one often hears about renovation projects, our experience with SCAL was pleasant in all respects. The workmanship was fine, the price was fair, and every one involved was a delight to deal with.

Feel free to use me as a reference with any potential customers."

Len Wood, Toco Hills/Emory
" It is now several months since Small Carpenters at Large completed the work on our house. I wanted you to know that you have transformed our house from one that we were comfortable in, to one that we now thoroughly enjoy. You would not believe, the number of times Kathy and I have said, “I really like our little house.”

Thanks for your efforts and the professional attitude you took in producing the final results."

Paul O’Connor, Druid Hills
" I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased Nan and I are with the renovation work Small Carpenters performed on our house. The quality of your work was superior. Your whole team exceeded our expectations. Every request was greeted with a terrific “can-do” attitude. I would like to especially thank Rudi for his meticulous attention to detail and Rick for constantly keeping us informed on the progress of our job.

Thank you again for the outstanding job. We definitely made the right choice when we chose Small Carpenters at Large for our renovation projects."

Jeff and Adriana Hageman, Leafmore Creek, Decatur
"We love the kitchen!  Both of our families have been out to see the transformation and they are so amazed at how wonderful the kitchen looks.  And most importantly, Baxter (the dog) really loves the built in bench, although he isn’t allowed on it.

We just want to express our thanks again for the great job you guys did with our kitchen. We       will definitely look to you again in the future if we decide to do anymore home renovations.  And we happily recommend your company to friends looking to do renovations.  Thank you again for making our kitchen a nice gathering area and a great place to cook!"

Rocky Atkins and Sally Cohen, Druid Hills
" We would like you to know how happy we are with our recent renovation experience. Thank you for the excellent service and outstanding workmanship from Small Carpenters at Large. We have been through major renovations on 3 different Atlanta homes during the last 5 years, so we know better than most how important integrity, experience, skill and reliability are in a contractor. Your firm exceeded expectations in all categories. Indeed, we feel we have found the best in Small Carpenters at Large. We just wish we had found you sooner!

We’re glad we hired Small Carpenters at Large, and we’ll do it again."

Sherrie Snipes-Williams (Executive Director) and Kari Smid (Executive Chef), Samaritan House/Cafe 458, Fourth Ward
" On behalf of our guests, volunteers, staff and board members, thank you for your generosity and support of Samaritan House/Cafe 458.  Thanks to the time and energy you put into tiling the floors of Cafe 458, the room has been transformed!  Thanks so much for managing the entire project, staying late each night to finish the job and make sure things ran smoothly.  Thank you for your efforts, the room's appearance and how our guests and visitors feel about it has dramatically improved.

Again, thank you for your support of Samaritan House of Atlanta!"



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